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Strengths, Stretches, and Autism: More Lessons from the Thrift-Shop

H and I are the same in many ways: we don’t really like shopping or malls but we love the thrift shop with its lure of the find and the potential of treasure. Buying H’s clothes there means they are … Continue reading

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Where choice lives… and thoughts on perspective

Craig and I recently spent two days in Vancouver… deeply engrossed and captivated by the presentations of Michelle Garcia Winner and Carol Gray. On Day 1: Doodle notes by a visual learner  (or a fidgiter??) from my first day of … Continue reading

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The Amazing Arizona TASH Adventure: A Roadtrip with H – Part 1

After a long day of traveling from Vancouver, Canada, H and I are now settled into our hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. We had some great conversations – and discussed the not knowing all of the details – and how that … Continue reading

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Appreciate the Big Things: perhaps my shadow traits are showing

This week I am leaving my lovely spring dappled little town on the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada – and heading down to the icy cold of Northern Arizona. Yes! You read that correctly! In my little town, spring is no … Continue reading

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