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Mom, do you want to learn about the game Portal? Co-creating Conceptual Frameworks

H: Mom – do you want to learn about the game Portal? Me: Sure! (considered pause) Me: Wait a second – what does that mean? Will you tell me about it for five minutes or will I have to commit … Continue reading

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Cleaning H’s Room – Round Two

Ding, Ding… And we’re at it again… or maybe more like … still!! Four days ago I started a little project that was necessary so that I could move ahead with creating a much-needed office space for myself. I mentioned … Continue reading

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Managing Overwhelm… The Beauty and Utility of Lists

I am gathering resources to make it through the final week of school. Not actual learning resources, but personal resources, energy, stamina, resiliency… remembering to breathe… I didn’t do much this weekend… I am keeping some parts of myself, my … Continue reading

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Inclusion and Autism… leaning in

Today at the Inclusion BC Conference, I had the opportunity to meet Paula Kluth, and hear her keynote address about inclusive practices in education. Her message is powerful and one that I embrace: Inclusive education is the foundation upon which … Continue reading

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Strengths, Stretches, and Autism: More Lessons from the Thrift-Shop

H and I are the same in many ways: we don’t really like shopping or malls but we love the thrift shop with its lure of the find and the potential of treasure. Buying H’s clothes there means they are … Continue reading

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Social Hangover…

Anyone else have a social hangover? Fortunately, Craig and I are on the same page. He says we should just hole up in our burrow and embrace the priorities of Hobbits… (Well, maybe really geeky Hobbits…) Second breakfasts… Tweensies… Afternoon … Continue reading

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“Whisper me, Mom”: Autism and Supporting Development

When H was tiny I used to whisper words to him when we were out, because he lacked words of his own in an unfamiliar environment, or with unfamiliar people. I would lean in seamlessly – almost invisibly – so … Continue reading

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I am so NOT a Superhero: Autism, Holiday Stress, and Making Cookies with the Kids

Originally posted on Thirty Days of Autism:
I sometimes think I would like to be a superhero – well perhaps not actually – but I have previously admitted that I am coveting the cape!!  A cape would be cool –…

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Aaaack!! Are we Thankful? Autism and the Family Dinner Party

Originally posted on Thirty Days of Autism:
Navigating sensory issues, social stress and anxiety for children on the Autism spectrum can be a challenge at any time. However, I was recently asked by a parent for some tips or suggestions…

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Yours, Mine and Ours: autism, self-advocacy, and setting limits

Originally posted on Thirty Days of Autism:
I have been thinking about limits: the edges of ourselves… that place where we interface with the world. Our limits and where we set them are the control valves for our emotional, social,…

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