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‘Glitchbusters’ the Movie…

H has been busy making a new movie, which he has delared a spoof. I won’t bother to disclose because, well, I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to figure it out. It is called Glitchbusters. So… this morning he was … Continue reading

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Time Together and Painting The TARDIS

It has been a laid back Sunday. There is a tonne of stuff I probably should have been doing… like cleaning, or dusting, or some other kind of household chore… We threw that off… We had a laid back Sunday … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning at Our House: loving ordinary

Craig is streaming Bugs Bunny cartoons and I am checking emails and reading blogs. The dining room table is shaking with his laughter – which makes it hard to type – but adds joy to my world. I love that … Continue reading

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A Star Trek Marathon, Waffles, and Chocolate Cake!

Today we came home from an overnight at a lovely nearby holiday destination. We stayed in a cottage – instead of the main hotel – so that Finnegan the Labradoodle could come with us. We soaked in the pools and … Continue reading

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Thankful… Rocks and Sticks and Plan B Brilliance

Yesterday we walked long by the river. We collected rocks. We hunted for agates… and even found a few. Today we walked long, long, long around a spectacular West Coast lake… Our day in the woods meant no time to … Continue reading

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Pockets full of rocks!! River walks and rainy day ideas

We had an amazing and somewhat rainy walk by the river today… You might be able to picture Craig and I sharing brief exchanges as we sidestepped the wettest of the puddles, interrupted by H’s excited and typically non sequitur … Continue reading

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A wireless weekend and wanting what you have: The Mindfulness of Appreciation

I am just home from The Cabin. It is a long drive – about 4 hours – and it is a relief to be here and have that feeling of being back on familiar ground. I enjoyed getting away and … Continue reading

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Breakfast as an Autism Metaphor: gingerbread and expectations…

I had this wonderful idea – a plan. I would get up way earlier than Craig today and I would make him gingerbread pancakes as a surprise. I read a recipe or two – so I had an idea of … Continue reading

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Random thoughts from the edge of typical… and beyond

Ahhhh, it is Friday… and it is finally sunny… and I am home. The week is at its end and Saturday and Sunday are glistening ahead of me, full of possibility and potential. H is playing a vintage computer game. … Continue reading

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