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‘Glitchbusters’ the Movie…

H has been busy making a new movie, which he has delared a spoof. I won’t bother to disclose because, well, I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to figure it out. It is called Glitchbusters. So… this morning he was … Continue reading

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Buying the Beast…

Today Craig and H and I went to look at a motor home. It is a 1984 model – fancy is not a term you would be likely to choose to describe it. We have decided it is perfect for … Continue reading

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I am H…This is Autism

Related Posts: • Nurturing Neurodiversity: I cannot stop the Sea • Adding the I to IEP: H is at the table ___________________________________________________ 30 Days of Autism is a project designed to fight stigma, promote civil rights, and increase understanding and acceptance for … Continue reading

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Who ya gonna call? Autism, Distance Education, and Ghostbusters

H’s most recent interest (since April of this year) has been in building his own Ghostbusters backpack. He has been is watching how to videos on youtube that have been posted by other kids with similar proclivities toward creating pop … Continue reading

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The Wing: Tales from an Autistic Childhood

When they were children, The Amazing Craig and his brother were the kind of trouble that I can only imagine: double-trouble, creative, full of vision, and fearless. When Craig was around 10 he learned about flight and lift and aerodynamics … Continue reading

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13: These Children Give me Hope

H turned 13 this week. Today is his party. In the past H’s Birthday Party has been a themed event that took me weeks to plan. The theme was based on his current area of interest and was meticulously designed … Continue reading

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Harnessing the power of intense interests: MJ meets StarWars

For the last couple of months H has been fascinated with Michael Jackson. He began with Thriller and Smooth Criminal, but has moved on to broaden his tastes. He loves the messages: Heal the World and Black or White. While … Continue reading

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