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Handling Haircuts… Autism and the Barber Shop

H has hair that seems to grow very, very fast! We have to go frequently to the barber – but I will share a few tricks we have learned – well more like… figured out along the way. First though, … Continue reading

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From Under the Table and Other Perspectives: cognition, identity, and the emergence of self

Let’s sit under the table a while and see how things look from there… I used to do that as a kid… I loved to lie under things and see how the world looked from different angles… I do it … Continue reading

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Ladybugs: Autism, Empathy, and Processing Grief

Ladybugs: Autism, Empathy and Processing Grief As a parent of a child on the Autism spectrum and as a teacher I have a difficulty when others report that students with autism/Autistic children lack empathy. I try to correct this faulty … Continue reading

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Building Relationships, Perspective Taking and Episodic Memory: Let’s make cookies for the dog

If you have been following my blog you likely heard mention of Finnegan the Labradoodle who is an important part of our family. Finn, as we often refer to him, is friendly and energetic sweet curly mop of a hound. … Continue reading

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