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Supporting Special Interests: Strength-based opportunities for development

H has been working on a project for weeks and weeks… I believe, however, that he has been planning it in his head for months. The potential for skill development embedded within this sort of self-directed special-interest project is enormous! … Continue reading

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Remembering Neil Armstrong: Father, Son, and Special Interests

The Amazing Craig knows an astounding amount about the space program. Here are some of his reflections about Neil Armstrong: “Neil Armstrong and David Scott literally saved the space program from disaster – they were on a Gemini Mission and … Continue reading

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Preoccupation with another layer of autism stigma: Crap…this goes deep!

I have been preoccupied with the ideas of self-advocacy lately. I am so motivated to delve into this – to understand more about the developmental components and the building bricks that will support the skills of advocacy.  I know… I … Continue reading

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Autism, Star Wars in 3D, and A Parent’s Love of Special Interests

Tonight we are planning an outing to the theatre to view Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D. H is revving up (in a good way) and Star Wars is increasingly becoming the topic of conversation as the … Continue reading

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Harnessing the power of intense interests: MJ meets StarWars

For the last couple of months H has been fascinated with Michael Jackson. He began with Thriller and Smooth Criminal, but has moved on to broaden his tastes. He loves the messages: Heal the World and Black or White. While … Continue reading

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