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The Singing Bowl and making curtains… and LOVE!

Second half of summer… Wednesday… We’ve read some, puttered some… And now I am clearing off a bit of the diningroom table to set up my sewing machine… Our dining room table is family central. Craig and H do H’s … Continue reading

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Supporting Special Interests: Strength-based opportunities for development

H has been working on a project for weeks and weeks… I believe, however, that he has been planning it in his head for months. The potential for skill development embedded within this sort of self-directed special-interest project is enormous! … Continue reading

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Perspectives on time and the end of a busy week: Autism and Temporal Development

All of my weeks are busy – but this one has seemed more so. My head is spinning with things I might write about. I am flying about on different tangential thoughts and mapping out ideas, only to be interrupted … Continue reading

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