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Behavior Plan For Parents of Newly Diagnosed Autistic Children

Behavior Plan For Parents of Newly Diagnosed Autistic Children:   by Lei Wiley-Mydske Your feelings about autism are constructed by living in a world that fears and stigmatizes disabled lives.  Your distress about an autism diagnosis are most certainly because … Continue reading

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Listening to Autism: A letter from Mrs. Teacher Lady

The following post has been written by an adult woman with whom I have had the privilege to correspond. She recently contacted me to share how reading other perspectives impacts her in a positive way. I asked her if she … Continue reading

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Preoccupation with another layer of autism stigma: Crap…this goes deep!

I have been preoccupied with the ideas of self-advocacy lately. I am so motivated to delve into this – to understand more about the developmental components and the building bricks that will support the skills of advocacy.  I know… I … Continue reading

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1…2…3… Magic!! Christy Clark needs a time out!!

87%… That is the result. I sit tonight on the brink of an abyss of sorts… and I stare into the darkness – with unknown demons on the move. It sounds like the setting for some cool video game that … Continue reading

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Enlightenment and the passing of time

You know… I was reading one of my old journals the other day (a recurrent theme of late, methinks) and I came across an entry from when we first were learning of the diagnosis of autism for H. The entry … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: AUTISM … part 2

Like any parent, I don’t want to focus on the differences in my child from a deficit point of view. Although I know that I must be realistic in addressing areas in need of development if H is to be … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: AUTISM …part 1

Every so often I am contacted by parents  who hear about me through their sister-in-law, or are friends of a friend, or they know someone who knows me, and they need support in the midst of the diagnostic process… or … Continue reading

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Efforts in increasing Autism Awareness: an AA intervention…

When H was first diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, I remember my own parents expressing concern about the potential limitations that a label like this would put on my child. There was a time when a label was considered such … Continue reading

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Tears and glimpses of the moon

So many parents of children with autism are amazingly strong and resilient. We are skilled in advocacy and educating others. We can be almost psychic in our ability to anticipate behaviours and sensory reactions, or else uncanny in our ability … Continue reading

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School Based Teams, IEPs, and a Parent’s Journey with Autism

I have been reflecting over the past week about how important it is to me to share the experiences that I have had parenting a child on the Autism spectrum.  So many of them have been positive, and although they … Continue reading

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