Silliness and Invention at the End of a Long Week

Yay! It is Friday!! TGIF!!

Don’t get me wrong – I love, LOVE my job! However, this is the first week back at work for me… and it has shocked my system somewhat.

On Monday I could feel the stress in my jaw by around recess time (which is probably called coffee break for you non-teacher types). I reluctantly went for a walk with some of my wonderful colleagues at lunch – which, admittedly, helped, but by the end of the day I was wrung out.

Later, at home – I gave myself a good talking-to. I reminded myself of the things I know – but seem to keep needing to remember – and the content of that talk is perhaps a good topic to share – but not tonight.

So I did manage to keep motoring my way steadily through the week – and I found my stride as the week progressed – and I also continued to walk each lunch with my colleagues.  It was a great and positive and productive week – and yet… I am so glad it is Friday! I simply don’t think I had another day in me!

So tonight – when I got home I made an awesome dinner of some of our favourites, which included ribs and corn on the cob.

Craig was cheery! Although upon reflection – Hmmmm… I can’t help wondering if he may be relieved to have me out of the house!

Dinner tonight was silly and fun, and H was also in fine form. At one point he breathlessly chortled: “I am laughing so hard I am spurting corn kernels!”

It is hard to convey how wonderful H’s comedic timing can be – but let me just say that I had to work very hard not to spray milk across the table…

Then he started going on about his idea for the pPod… his latest invention.

The mom in me wanted to say: “H – don’t play with your food!!” but I was simply laughing too hard.

So I got out my camera instead!

Happy Friday everyone!


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7 Responses to Silliness and Invention at the End of a Long Week

  1. coyotetooth says:

    What’s next: the Call E Flower (aroma phones)? Nice one!!!


  2. Life Skills Teacher says:

    Nice! I think one of the positive things about working year round school is that the break isn’t long enough to get completely out of the rhythm, just long enough to break things up so you can come back refreshed with a new eye toward how to approach things. We go back Tuesday after a 2 and a half week break.


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