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The Singing Bowl and making curtains… and LOVE!

Second half of summer… Wednesday… We’ve read some, puttered some… And now I am clearing off a bit of the diningroom table to set up my sewing machine… Our dining room table is family central. Craig and H do H’s … Continue reading

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Roughing it in The Beast!

Last summer, when we were getting the insurance for our wacky old motor home, we had a chance to see this beast through H’s eyes. He announced, “A motor home is way cooler than a fannypack…” So ya, a motor … Continue reading

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Buying the Beast…

Today Craig and H and I went to look at a motor home. It is a 1984 model – fancy is not a term you would be likely to choose to describe it. We have decided it is perfect for … Continue reading

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Camp Snarfly: Autism and Friendship on The Forest Moon of Endor

The Amazing Craig says it’s a do-over! At our house a do-over has a couple of meanings: the first would be an opportunity to try something again and make it better, as a social repair action after a misread – … Continue reading

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