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The Singing Bowl and making curtains… and LOVE!

Second half of summer… Wednesday… We’ve read some, puttered some… And now I am clearing off a bit of the diningroom table to set up my sewing machine… Our dining room table is family central. Craig and H do H’s … Continue reading

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Painting the Dog and Love as Self-care

My brain is full of stuff that I am trying to work through – and I trust in the process – really I do… but I have to remind myself of this – or I can get in the way. … Continue reading

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Thankful… Rocks and Sticks and Plan B Brilliance

Yesterday we walked long by the river. We collected rocks. We hunted for agates… and even found a few. Today we walked long, long, long around a spectacular West Coast lake… Our day in the woods meant no time to … Continue reading

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Appreciate the small moments…

I have walked by the river a number of times this past week, accompanied by my thoughts, my camera, and my enthusiastic side-kick, Finnegan the Labradoodle. I have contemplated long and with mixed feelings some summative thoughts to end 2011. … Continue reading

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A portrait of spring… trajectory and hope

Spring has been a teasing thing this year. One day I’m in a t-shirt ready to dig into my garden; the next day I’m bundled up because it is cold – and maybe even snowing! I am yearning for the … Continue reading

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