We’re Making Hobbit Cloaks – Oh Ya!!

Hobbitpipe.jpgThe Hobbit!!!

H and I have been reading The Hobbit this summer. You can read about the beginning of our journey here and it has progressed as beautifully as I had hoped. H and I are still reading – but we are almost at the end of our wonderful journey.

H has made videos, recorded songs, written poems, honed his Smeagol/Gollum impression, and created an amazing music video montage. He has carved Bilbo’s and Gandalf’s pipes from of apple wood (AKA: carven pipes). He has even tried honey, and developed a taste for it, so that he has a new alternative for his toast. (Thank you, Beorn) I suspect he will consider a touch of that on the Elvish Lembas bread he intends to make in the near future.

We are celebrating the final chapters of the book by making Hobbit cloaks. We could have Cloakmaterials.jpgmade just one, for H, but he insists that I need one as well, so that in December we can attend Peter Jackson’s second installment in fine form.

Seriously, I didn’t need much convincing. We are now happily discussing a variety of details and planning cosplay… because… ya’know. COSPLAY!

H has us listening to The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy – Full Official Soundtrack (HD) while we figure out how to make this work. It is problem-solving, and collaboration at its best, with plentiful opportunity for scaffolding and supporting the development of new skill…

We still need to add the final details, carefully lop off the corners and figure out how to accurately engineer the rounded hem… but we just couldn’t wait to share our excitement.

So… here are the photos – because H and I think they tell the story best:






Hobbitmom.jpg“Then something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wished to go and see the great mountains, and hear the pine-trees and the waterfalls, and explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of a walking-stick.” 

~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit ~

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 9.24.06 AM

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7 Responses to We’re Making Hobbit Cloaks – Oh Ya!!

  1. This is just too awesome!! My Joshua is a huge Hobbit fan. I just showed this to him and he said, “That is super cool! I wish we could do that.” I think we may have a project in the works. 🙂 His dad read LOTR and The Hobbit to him last winter and spring and he loved it so much we “had” to get the Lego sets.


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  3. Heidi says:

    Great costume making skills! I love all things LOTR! I’m off to Wellington, NZ in a couple of weeks and will be visiting the Weta Workshop to see the special effects. Yay. I don’t think we can take photos inside the workshop, but I can see if there are postcards. Would H like a postcard from ‘Hobbit country’? Or I can take a photo of a postcard and put it on Twitter. Much faster that way.


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