11 Responses to The Olden Days of Summer and The Stretchiness of Time…

  1. Beautiful, Leah. Shared.


  2. Erin says:

    I just love this. So perfectly said. Thank you.


  3. …and that change can feel like loss.
    amen. I need to keep this one in mind too. I tend to love new things. On to the next…..bring it!
    but, yes, that is not the experience of everyone in my home, thanks for the reminder.


  4. aka_andrea says:

    It seems to me that deep in the root of all great change and understanding, there is the seed that started out tiny, timid, and not quite sure about any of it. From that discomfort grows beautiful and flowering things that soften people’s hearts and allow them to see. Keep your garden flowering~ you do amazing work.


    • Leah Kelley says:

      ((Andrea)) Thank you! Your words and beautiful and so encouraging. I appreciate you taking the time… and I may have to print this our and pop in on a little slip of paper in my pocket. That way I can read …and refold …and read …and refold …and literally keep your words with me ❀


  5. Lori D. says:

    As T gets older, I relate even more. Beautiful, Leah. ❤

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  6. Melanie says:

    I love your blog and found this post particularly poignant. While I think as educators, related service providers, etc. we try to do amazing things, I think we must remember to be kind to ourselves and realize that while we, as you said, look forward, we also miss the freedom of summer where we could do mostly as we pleased without the time constraints of the bell, or the IEP meetings, or this or that.
    I know as a related service provider I am looking forward to supporting kids in my own unique way (the only DIRFloortime practitioner in the district) but I also enter the year with trepidation and kind of mourn the loss of summer which seemed so long at the beginning, and is now ending faster and faster! 🙂
    Best to you as you enter your new year!


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