Autistic Pride Day 2013

THIS…  1000000000 x this!


Image: Photo of H sweeping magnolia blossoms on the drive way with a large push broom while using a razor scooter. Text reads: Autistic Pride Day 2013 “I love my inventive mind” (H at age 14) [watermarked 30 Days of Autism: Leah Kelley]


30 Days of Autism is a project designed to fight stigma, promote civil rights, and increase understanding and acceptance for those who process and experience the world differently.

© Leah Kelley, Thirty Days of Autism, (2013)

About Leah Kelley, Ed.D.

Leah Kelley, M.Ed, Ed.D., Writer, Consultant, Activist, Speaker, and Educator, working with Teacher Candidates at UBC. Authors blog: 30 Days of Autism. Projects support social understanding, Neurodiversity paradigm, Disability Justice, and connecting Disability Studies in Education(DSE)to Educational Practice. Twitter: @leah_kelley Facebook: 30 Days of Autism: Leah Kelley
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6 Responses to Autistic Pride Day 2013

  1. Dr Kathleen Levinstein says:

    Happy Autism Pride Day Comrades-
    We are an endangered species.. with any luck we will not be aborted at the 91% rate that Down Syndrome fetuses are now aborted when Eugenics finds a way to pick us up in utero.. in the meantime.. let’s keep showing the neurotypicals how it is done.. how to keep a promise, stand by your word, have the courage of your convictions- let’s keep putting them all to shame kids.. I am so proud and happy to be in the fold-


  2. Jayden Van Canne says:

    Every day is Autistic Pride Day! 😀 Even for those not on the spectrum.


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