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Vectors of Autism and Alone Together: thoughts on extending social understanding

The theme of the SFU film festival was Alone Together… and how in the midst of an urban environment people can still feel isolated, solitary, and disconnected.  It is interesting that concept can be extended to have meaning the context … Continue reading

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Moving on… and letting go: Summer Camp, University, and the Twitterscene

I have been using Twitter lately. If you follow my blog – you likely already know this. However, I feel like I have been sort of sucked into the twittering away of my time. The lure is so strong. I … Continue reading

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TweEtiquette: my struggle with unwritten social rules

I have just started to use twitter. A couple of weeks ago a brilliant tech-savvy colleague nudged me: “Your blog is doing great Leah. Now you have to get on Twitter.” In response, I think I produced a nervous giggle … Continue reading

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