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Megan Metcalfe: I don’t want you to “negotiate” #BCTF #bced

The following is a guest post by BC Parent, Megan Metcalfe: I sent a letter to Christie Clark’s office, Peter Fassbender’s office, and my MLA about two weeks ago. I got a response just today. It was addressed from the … Continue reading

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Cross Words… Creative on the lines! #BCTF

  Today we got creative on the lines, vented a little with some cross words, and made up this cool puzzle to share with our colleagues. Here is a link in PDF format: https://crosswordlabs.com/pdf/teacher-strike-2014 I will post the answers later … Continue reading

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If and When Strategies: the power of language in parenting

I want to change something, sometimes I notice the littlest changes have the biggest impact. In this post I am sharing my consideration of the significance and implication of the words “if” and “when”. Many years ago I stumbled upon … Continue reading

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