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Minecraft and Autistic Pride

tic… tic… tic… Time is passing slowly for H today… He is watching the clock… He is waiting for 4:00, when it has been arranged that he will hang out via Skype and play Minecraft with his friend B♥… And … Continue reading

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The Perfect Saturday… Minecraft and Monster Trucks

It sorta’ emerged or unfolded in its own flexible way – but we did have a loose plan for today… H spent some time in the morning collaborating with his online friend, L.  They Skype and facetime and hang out … Continue reading

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Cooking Up Invention #AutismPositivity2014

Usually H’s inventions are constructed and engineered with mechanical elements, and they have frequently revolved around exploring alternative ways to create or build an exoskeleton or what have you – but lately H has shown an interest in experimenting with … Continue reading

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Time Together and Painting The TARDIS

It has been a laid back Sunday. There is a tonne of stuff I probably should have been doing… like cleaning, or dusting, or some other kind of household chore… We threw that off… We had a laid back Sunday … Continue reading

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Random thoughts, changing colours, and the TARDIS

I have been thinking so much… and at the same time… writing far less than is the norm for me. I have too many partially completed projects that are pulling me in different directions.  There is just so much rattling … Continue reading

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