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“I left my child in the woods!”: Two Moms on the Lam

The Amazing Craig has taken H and City Mouse to create their own summer camp, which has been dubbed “Camp Snarfly.” (This name was inspired by Laura Nagle’s word snarfly – which is the autistic specific emotion of the joy … Continue reading

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“Mom… I’m a Mutant”: Boys, Silliness, and the Aftermath of Summer Camp

H was getting ready for the bath, when I was hailed with an unexpected distress call: “Mom… Arrrgh… I’m a mutant!!” I must admit that at this point all sorts of worrisome images rapidly flashed through my mind. I quelled … Continue reading

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Moving on… and letting go: Summer Camp, University, and the Twitterscene

I have been using Twitter lately. If you follow my blog – you likely already know this. However, I feel like I have been sort of sucked into the twittering away of my time. The lure is so strong. I … Continue reading

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