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Sometimes it’s just difficult… Anxiety, Autism and Brittle Balance

Tick, Tick, Tick… goes the time passing on the kitchen clock… Click, click, click… is quietly added, as my fingers fly over the keyboard of my computer. H is at a birthday party. It is for The Lovely S – … Continue reading

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Neurodivergence and Relationships: An adult perspective on conflict resolution & listening

I am not Autistic… though, H’s dad, the Amazing Craig, is. We are learning so much about ourselves from our experiences with H. We are affected deep to our core – and we have learned amazing skills to use with … Continue reading

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Not eloquent… just tired

Last night I participated in Relay for Life – a 12 hour event to raise funds for Cancer Research. I was up all night and, I although I require little sleep, I just can’t pull that off anymore. As I … Continue reading

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Approximating typical: navigating the label “high functioning autism”

School can be a difficult place for children on the Autism spectrum. It can be particularly tricky for those who approximate typical, who seem almost to be like everyone else. These are the children who are sometimes referred to as … Continue reading

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Easy Silence: I am still learning to communicate

I was once working with a child on the autism spectrum… (not H) and this opportunity had me considering, I mean really considering, what it must be like to be him. He had so many challenges and did not use … Continue reading

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