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Birds singing at night…

I love this time of year when the days are getting longer and I awaken to birdsong in the early morning… It feels so renewing and full of hope to know that spring has kept its perennial promise and has … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable… So what?!?

I have been thinking about how often we are uncomfortable with feeling uncomfortable (which I cannot help but note is ironically circular in its very definition), and that I have observed and experienced the inherently powerful and positive opportunity that … Continue reading

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I am so OK with being wrong…

I am WRONG… rather often actually; I don’t know – what I don’t know – until I have found out – that I don’t know it… As convoluted as that may sound, it makes sense really. It is a relatively … Continue reading

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Autism, Social Cognition and Embarrassment: It’s Not a Bad Thing…

A couple of weeks back, I was asked to write something on the theme Embarrassing Moments. This has been rattling around in my head for a while now as I have been considering a couple of different ways that I … Continue reading

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John Elder Robison, Sensory Processing, and a Practical Sensory Diet

I started writing this when we were camping last month… on day 3 of 5: I am falling into a certain relaxed rhythm. I still have my coffee and now I am writing with a knife-sharpened pencil on a mini … Continue reading

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Resiliency and The Big Apple

This boy of mine has big plans: he is saving to go to New York City. I am not certain why he is so driven to get there, but I suspect it is a combination of wanting to relive Home … Continue reading

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Avoiding discomfort vs the necessity of the mundane: the rainy Sunday Blues

My life is not particularly glamorous or exciting – but I am excited about it much of the time. Today however I am right in the thick of the mundane necessities: the things I have been letting pile up – … Continue reading

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