Kermit the Frog on Neurodiversity and Being Green

Hi ho, Kermit the Frog here.

Today I won’t tell you a little bit about Neurodiversity, and different kinds of brains, and Autistic people.
Autistic people want to be a part of the conversation.
They want to be included!
But Autistic people don’t need me to talk for them…

imagesSo instead… today I’d like to tell you a little bit about the colour green.

Do you know what’s green?
Well… I am, for one thing.
You see some frogs are green, and I’m a frog.

And I happen to be the kind of frog that is green.

And that means that I’m green….

You see how that works…

And that also means I can talk about what it is like to be green – because I am a green frog and I can speak for myself…

latestImages of Kermit retrieved from

You can hear me sing an wonderful song about being green here. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!


30 Days of Autism is a project designed to fight stigma, promote civil rights, and increase understanding and acceptance for those who process and experience the world differently.

© Leah Kelley, Thirty Days of Autism (2015)

About Leah Kelley, Ed.D.

Leah Kelley, M.Ed, Ed.D., Writer, Consultant, Activist, Speaker, and Educator, working with Teacher Candidates at UBC. Authors blog: 30 Days of Autism. Projects support social understanding, Neurodiversity paradigm, Disability Justice, and connecting Disability Studies in Education(DSE)to Educational Practice. Twitter: @leah_kelley Facebook: 30 Days of Autism: Leah Kelley
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2 Responses to Kermit the Frog on Neurodiversity and Being Green

  1. Well put, Kermti! 😉


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