Social Hangover…

Anyone else have a social hangover?

Fortunately, Craig and I are on the same page. He says we should just hole up in our burrow and embrace the priorities of Hobbits… (Well, maybe really geeky Hobbits...)

Second breakfasts…


Afternoon tea…


Star Trek marathon…





Introduce H to Dr. Who

In pajamas all day…


This post is meant to be light and entertaining – but it is also addresses very real concerns. I think it is important for us to be aware of our limits and to articulate our needs around these limits. This is crucial to our own well being – so that we are able to live long and prosper, but even more than this, it is excellent modelling for our child. We need to understand what it is we need… and then work to create systems and relationships that honour and support this.

When we are at capacity… we need to slow down… get a surer footing… reconnect with what is important and with that which nourishes us… and remember to take time to breathe. Christmasaftermath

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1 Response to Social Hangover…

  1. coyotetooth says:

    In breathing mode. Out breathing mode. Breathe.


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