This child does not deserve to be painted with my stress… A Poem

Today is just one of those days…

I’m working hard on slowing it down…

letting go of my agenda…

responding to what my kid is REALLY saying…

and remembering to breathe deeply…

because this child does not deserve to be painted with my stress

I am going to shed the brittleness I’ve sometimes donned

extrapolating a small thing and stirring it up with worry

Instead I can let every little thing be good enough

I can choose to enjoy the pace

…this place

I can be mindful that in this moment

…like every moment

my response

is framed in choice


30 Days of Autism is a project designed to fight stigma, promote civil rights, and increase understanding and acceptance for those who process and experience the world differently.

© Leah Kelley, Thirty Days of Autism, (2012)

About Leah Kelley, Ed.D.

Leah Kelley, M.Ed, Ed.D., Writer, Consultant, Activist, Speaker, and Educator, working with Teacher Candidates at UBC. Authors blog: 30 Days of Autism. Projects support social understanding, Neurodiversity paradigm, Disability Justice, and connecting Disability Studies in Education(DSE)to Educational Practice. Twitter: @leah_kelley Facebook: 30 Days of Autism: Leah Kelley
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13 Responses to This child does not deserve to be painted with my stress… A Poem

  1. Serena Pratt says:

    Just when I think I can’t learn any more from you…I do… All of the time. Thank-you 🙂


  2. A Quiet Week says:

    Lovely. Just what I needed to read after a stressful week. Thank you, Leah.


  3. Isn’t it so lovely to just stop and be there with your boy? I figure that we have all the time in the world…. so we must endeavour to slow down and really appreciate life and our kid/s.


  4. Neither of you deserve it. Love this message.


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  6. So true! I think I might print it out and post it on my fridge. Thank you for your eloquence.


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