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Autism Awareness… Let’s spread understanding

At barely 14, H is already sensitive to what others are saying about autism and he often feels uneasy and personally threatened by representations of autism in the media that are framed as tragedy and epidemic. I have previously written … Continue reading

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Beyond these 30 Days… Aaaack! This Autism blog needs a new name!!!

For the 30 days of April 2012, I made it 13 days of consecutive blogging …not 30 like I did last year …although, I did do a few additional posts here and there.  So, I didn’t post every day… but … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness: 13-year-old Style

“I believe that autism is one of the things that makes me different from other people. I think differently – I look at the world differently. I build cool creations with Lego, K’nex, and sometimes the way I hear music … Continue reading

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The Simple Joy of Car Wash Wonderment

This past weekend I took my absolutely filthy car through the car wash. I do not commonly do this as it seems rather extravagant to me. Lately though, I’ve been so busy and my car has been getting increasingly caked … Continue reading

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Think Differently… it doesn’t fall far from the tree

___________________________________________________ 30 Days of Autism is a project designed to fight stigma, promote civil rights, and increase understanding and acceptance for those who process and experience the world differently. © Leah Kelley, Thirty Days of Autism, (2012)

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Ghosts of the Asylum in Spring… a look back at exclusion and abuse

Woodlands was constructed in NewWesminster in 1878 and was closed in the 1980s.  Though the signage I read said 1996 – so I am not certain about the closure. It was an asylum for those with ‘developmental disabilities and the … Continue reading

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Today is April 1st – do you know what that means???

It is Sunday morning – and I asked H to help me with this post. I want to talk with him about Autism Awareness/Acceptance. It is April 1st… do you know what that means?? It means we get to goof … Continue reading

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Flappiness Is… a Guest Post, Autism Awareness and the Ageless Wisdom of Margaret Mead!

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead ~ Thirty Days of Autism is one year old today: Happy Birthday Dear little blog!! We have close to … Continue reading

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Beyond Awareness and Irony: Autism is for life…

The title of my previous post Thirty days and counting… Autism: Day 4,711 was meant to be ironic. To me this was amusing in that it was poking fun at my own intent with this blog by pointing to that … Continue reading

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“tic tacs”: a light-hearted look at autism intervention (via Thirty Days of Autism)

In the midst of things that are challenging I find that a little laughter goes a long ways to help with my resiliency. Today as I am somewhat stressed with the joys of … ahhhhh…ya… camping prep, I thought revisiting … Continue reading

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