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The Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library: Interviewing Lei

Hand in hand with speaking out and taking a stand for social justice and human rights, there is an opportunity to explore and celebrate amazing things that are happening within Disabilities and Autism communities.  There are many people creating new … Continue reading

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1…2…3… Magic!! Christy Clark needs a time out!! #BCTF

Originally posted on Thirty Days of Autism:
87%… That is the result. I sit tonight on the brink of an abyss of sorts… and I stare into the darkness – with unknown demons on the move. It sounds like the…

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Papa, the Shillelagh, and a head in the clouds….

As I was growing up, I recall my mother often seemed practically concerned about my fanciful ways and ideas, and my tendency to have my head somewhat ‘in the clouds.’ My mother might be considered a bit of a worrier, … Continue reading

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Building Stilts and Resiliency

H built stilts yesterday. His dad, Craig the Amazing, has offered to build some wooden ones with him, but apparently H couldn’t wait. Here is his prototype… Pretty cool, really… Then one of them broke – or more like… tore. … Continue reading

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A conversation with my Dad: Buffers, Limits, and Approximating Perfection

I have at times found myself stretched thin; a brittle husk of stress – somehow hollow and too full at the same time. I have felt this with my work as a special education teacher,  I have felt this as … Continue reading

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Remembering Neil Armstrong: Father, Son, and Special Interests

The Amazing Craig knows an astounding amount about the space program. Here are some of his reflections about Neil Armstrong: “Neil Armstrong and David Scott literally saved the space program from disaster – they were on a Gemini Mission and … Continue reading

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Today is April 1st – do you know what that means???

It is Sunday morning – and I asked H to help me with this post. I want to talk with him about Autism Awareness/Acceptance. It is April 1st… do you know what that means?? It means we get to goof … Continue reading

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The Musical Advocacy Project: Supporting Public Education and the Rights of Workers

So… sometimes my life seems to be cruising along pretty smoothly… and then something goes completely sideways. I am not particularly phased by this; it is one of the things that parenting a child on the Autism spectum has gifted … Continue reading

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