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Vectors of Autism and Alone Together: thoughts on extending social understanding

The theme of the SFU film festival was Alone Together… and how in the midst of an urban environment people can still feel isolated, solitary, and disconnected.  It is interesting that concept can be extended to have meaning the context … Continue reading

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Be the Change… Vectors of Autism at the SFU Alone Together Film Festival

Lately I have been so busy – I can hardly tell which side is up. I mentioned I was too busy to blog to my friend Ariane at Emma’sHopeBook and we brainstormed a few ideas. Here is a depiction of … Continue reading

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Disclosing Autism at Work: Strategies and Supports from Karla’s ASD Page

Learning about Self-advocacy: I have recently been occupied with the ideas and complexities of self-advocacy and disclosure for H (and others). I am accompanying H on his journey – but it is not my journey. As I am connecting with … Continue reading

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The Amazing Arizona TASH Adventure: A Roadtrip with H – Part 2

Two big days! H and I were met yesterday morning by Laura Nagle and Susan Marks, and together with Barb Trader: the National Director of TASH, we were driven to the conference location. H and Laura chatted about Star Trek … Continue reading

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Autism Self-Advocacy – 13 year old style

H is 13… in some ways he is still so young… but I see him changing and developing in many areas.  I also see that adulthood is looming, and I understand that this next stage is, in some ways, much … Continue reading

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Ghosts of the Asylum in Spring… a look back at exclusion and abuse

Woodlands was constructed in NewWesminster in 1878 and was closed in the 1980s.  Though the signage I read said 1996 – so I am not certain about the closure. It was an asylum for those with ‘developmental disabilities and the … Continue reading

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The Musical Advocacy Project: Supporting Public Education and the Rights of Workers

So… sometimes my life seems to be cruising along pretty smoothly… and then something goes completely sideways. I am not particularly phased by this; it is one of the things that parenting a child on the Autism spectum has gifted … Continue reading

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Tears and glimpses of the moon

So many parents of children with autism are amazingly strong and resilient. We are skilled in advocacy and educating others. We can be almost psychic in our ability to anticipate behaviours and sensory reactions, or else uncanny in our ability … Continue reading

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